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Our Services Include:
Website design and creation from concept to completion.
Professional and dynamic business writing
Marketing & website optimization and promotion
Custom Graphics

For the discriminating and sophisticated client.

Logical, elegant, intelligent web sites that are fast-loading, consistent, and extremely easy to use and navigate.
Logos, original ad banners and dramatic, out-of-the-ordinary images.

The word “cool” does not exist in our vocabulary. We’re not impressed with the latest bells and whistles and your serious customers aren’t either. If your flashy website cost your business a small fortune and you still can’t understand why people don’t like it, don’t use it, and still won’t order online, then something is wrong.

If the code heads gave you everything you wanted, but left out the common sense, read on…

Order forms with tiny, illegible print?
Order forms with no room to fill out a simple name without scrolling?
Lame, drop-down menu lists of worldwide countries (a foot long) with United States all the way at the bottom?
Dead-end links, grammatical errors, and no entertaining content?
Addlepated, non-logical pages?

It’s simple…

Fix your website, increase your income, and encourage your customers and clients to come back for more!

If you want to eliminate dropped orders and frustrated customers who flee from your site in despair after waiting for graphic bloated pages to load, or failed order forms to process, send us an e-mail today.

Send an email to inquire about our services to MARY MERCEDES WEB DESIGN

Some current examples of our work